Review: The Tea Emporium Risheehat DJ-142 Organic 2nd Flush 2011

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Its OK"A Darjeeling with flowery, marigold flavor qualities that are definitely an acquired taste"
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I’ve been trying to improve my palette when it comes to Darjeelings lately, so even though I couldn’t find this tea on The Tea Emporium’s website anymore, I thought it was worth reviewing as it’s labeled on their blog as being an “authentic Darjeeling tea.” For anyone else searching for it, technically it’s labeled as their Risheehat (ch.) musk sftgfop-1 DJ-142 /Organic 2nd Flush 2011. It’s picked from “the purest china origin bushes of the garden” and has met their high taste standards for Darjeeling tea.

And while everything they claim about this tea is absolutely true, I simply don’t have the acquired taste to appreciate this tea. Flowery orchid flavors in oolongs are sweet and uplifting but I’m still having difficulty with the taste of marigolds and Rhododendrons in my cup.

I did two steepings of this tea using 1 tsp per 1 cup of water, the first at 200F for 5 minutes (as recommended) and a second at 3 minutes in an attempt to tone down the bitter tannin flavors. The first steeping was true to their description. The liquor was a dark golden color, the scent full of nutty, almond notes and the taste very brisk on the tongue, with flowery marigold flavors and a very musky finish. But I found the astringency of this tea too harsh and the flavors didn’t appeal.

My second steeping toned down that intense briskness but those pesky malty flavors at the back of my mouth didn’t leave me satisfied. Maybe it’s an acquired taste because no matter how I steeped it, I’m just didn’t enjoy the mouth feel or flavor of this tea.



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