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Thumbs up!"Chocolate is readily available, as is the banana, yet they manage to blend together with, rather than overwhelm, the rooibos base"
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Chocolate Banana is a rooibos-based blend that includes organic fair trade rooibos, organic cacao nibs, organic apple bits, organic banana chips, pink peppercorn, chocolate, and natural flavors. I noted that the rooibos itself consisted of very small pieces, much finer and dustier than other rooibos teas I have sampled. While my sample contained plenty of pink peppercorns and cacao nibs, I did not see any banana chips. Despite the noticeable lack of banana in the blend, the dry tea does have a very strong banana scent. I am not sure how much of this is from the bananas themselves and how much is from the addition of "natural flavors", but regardless, it is nice to know that the flavor is natural and authentic rather than artificial and candy-like.

I prepared this tea using a long five minute steep in boiling water. The tea is a rich amber-brown color, exactly what is expected of a rooibos tea. The flavor is rather interesting; chocolate is readily available, as is the banana flavor, yet they manage to blend together with, rather than overwhelm, the rooibos base. The distinct nutty sweetness of rooibos is still easily tasted. I was hoping for a more defined contribution from the pink peppercorns, but I personally couldn't taste much in the way of pepper or spiciness. This is a rather sweet tea, and I found that it needs no additional fix-ins such as milk or sugar. It is also somewhat heavy-bodied, as rooibos teas go. I tried this tea both warm and iced and while the Persimmon Tree website states it is great hot or iced, I found it much more enjoyable as a hot beverage. Bottom line: this is a well-blended tea whose unique flavor may not have universal appeal, but will be much appreciated by those that love chocolate and banana flavors.

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