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Its OK"As the name suggests, the fruit flavour is more in line with the taste of orange flower water than that of fresh oranges. It's paired with a tea base that is rather subtle and one-dimensional."
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I usually prefer my oolongs unflavoured but something about this combination appealed to me. Unfortunately Tea Licious's minimalist website has little information about this tea's origins. Brown and dark green leaf nuggets are peppered with a few pieces of orange rind. Their aroma is very sweet and almost candy like. It's like chocolate orange wedges and orange Crush all rolled into one. It's hard not to salivate as I take a second and third sniff. Okay, just one more...

Following the instructions provided, I steeped a teaspoonful of leaves in freshly boiled water for 4 minutes. The orange flavour is intense, nearly overpowering the leaves' contribution. It's rather sweet and floral, closer to the taste of orange flower water. It has no sourness, as would fresh oranges. There is a small amount of zesty astringency, no doubt from the pieces of orange peel. I can't say much about the tea itself other than it seems to leave a vague metallic taste on the back of the tongue as it cools. Tea Licious suggests that this blend can be steeped up to 7 minutes. I'm glad I stopped at 4: I think the strength of the orange flavour would have been unpalatable otherwise. I had a portion of my cup iced. I found that the cold toned down the fruit taste, leading to better balanced results.

Perhaps steep number 2 will be more successful? After a 5 minute steep, the flavour of the tea base is a bit more obvious. There is a now savoury undertone throughout each sip as well as some tannins present in the finish. The orange flavour is more subdued, so I expected a more well-rounded cup. However there is a certain flatness to the flavour's profile that leaves me wanting.

This is not an everyday tea. While I find the orange flavour pleasant, especially iced, I have to be in the mood for such a strong citrus presence. As the name suggests, the fruit flavour is more in line with the taste of orange flower water than that of fresh oranges. The tea base is rather subtle and one-dimensional. I wouldn't seek this out again personally. Those who like highly perfumed floral teas might appreciate this though. It's very affordable so it's worth experimenting.

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