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Thumbs up!"Very vanilla, yet not overpowering. Promises to add an edge to your "basic black" habit."
CJ’s Teaview: 8.9/10
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The folks at Peter Asher really know how to flavor a tea.  I have tasted three different blends recently and loved them all.  Black and White Vanilla is no exception.

From the moment I opened the package, I had no doubts this was a vanilla tea.  Since a good black dust (which this is) is likely to have vanilla undertones anyway, the additional vanilla seemed quite natural.  Some vanilla teas bowl me over with a strong, artificial, extract-like odor.  This one smelled appetizing with no alcohol or artificiality to it.  The flavor,too,was smooth and brisk with plenty of tea taste.The reason I so often don't like flavored teas is because I can't taste the tea.  Peter Asher (PA)  teas don't have that problem.

I was surprised that their teas were so good because the company devotes equal attention to coffee.   Since I can barely stand to drink tea in a coffee shop because my senses are overloaded with arabica, I carry that sensual prejudice into my online tea shopping as well, avoiding merchants that carry leaves AND beans.

I will have to make an exception for Peter Asher. They opened my mind toward coffee-centric merchants, and they made me into a flavored tea fan.  Not bad for a company that's only 20 years old.

PA's youthfulness shows in their website's somewhat provocative product descriptions.  Their blurb on Black and White Vanilla, for instance, said,

"This is the tea for the leaf enthusiast who will not be satisfied with the same old boring bag that the woman next to them is drinking. This is the tea for the drinker with an edge. They may look like a basic black tea person on the outside but if you take a second look you’ll realize they need a little something more, a little something extra that can only be provided by taking a classic and complex vanilla bean and using those crisp flavors to give their mug an little extra oomph. "

Since my natural tea proclivity is "basic black", I wonder, do I look like a "basic black tea person" ?  Am I a "tea drinker with an edge? "  I'm starting to see a gap between merchants of my generation (and older) and the up and coming marketers.  The latter group wields  adjectives I would never associate with drinking tea. Here's to a younger, hipper cuppa.  I rate this blend an 8.9.

— To purchase Peter Asher Coffee & Tea Black & White Vanilla, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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