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Its OK"Tasty in tiny quantities. The flavor is too intense for mug-sized servings."
CJ’s Teaview: 5.5/10
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Chocoholics beware:  the smell of this Black Chocolate tea might fool you into thinking you've opened a can of Hershey's syrup.  It is intense, strong, and REAL.  The Spice and Tea Exchange (STE) website reports that it is flavored with actual pieces of chocolate.  I would call them "bits".  They were hard to find among the much larger and very dark black leaves, but they were there.

I greatly anticipated tasting this tea, hoping to have discovered a calorie-free way to quench my chocolate cravings.  And guess what?  I found it.  Dark chocolate and tea go quite well together, and in tiny doses, this tea could stand in for dessert.

I, however, drink my tea in massive quantities.  When I find a tea I like, I make a pot and slurp it by the mugfuls. Black Chocolate lost its charm after half a mug.  When I took my seventh or eighth sip, I was tired of the chocolate taste and found it overwhelming.  My mouth didn't register any "tea" flavor.

Perhaps it's the Ceylon leaves the chocolate is blended with.  Ceylon leaves can be quite brisk and astringent. Combined with chocolate flavoring, this one created an aftertaste  too much like extract.  This tea finished up with a hint of alcohol, which was most unpleasant.  If I were making this tea, I would tone down the chocolate flavoring, and perhaps try using an Assam or orange pekoe as a base.

In summary, this intense, liquor-like brew was satisfying as a digestif.  A shot-glass sized serving was a flavorful finish to a meal.  Any more than that was wasted because the flavor was too strong.  I rate it a 5.5.

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