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Its OK"Nothing like a black tea. Needs lower brewing temperatures and lacks briskness."
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I should have liked this tea more.  It is one of the most prized black teas on the market; picked, processed, and brewed with the utmost care.

I'm no Chinese expert, but from what I gathered on various tea and language sites, "gong fu" translates into "effort" or "care".  In other words, the very name of this tea indicates that its difficult to prepare.  So I followed instructions and worked extra hard to unearth the charms of this cha.   I brewed it three times, three different ways.  None of them produced a flavor that I would consider a true  black tea.

"Bai Lin Gongfu is a completely oxidised black tea.  It is a “gongfu” (or “congou”) type of black tea, which indicates that it is hand crafted, with the leaf buds being twisted into thin, tight strips without them being broken.  When dry, the tea has a sweet, caramel like scent and has a mix of black and golden-orange “pekoe” coloured leaf buds," reported Teavivre's website.

I smelled chocolate, and a bit of bitterness.  Because it was labeled black tea, I brewed a teaspoon per cup in boiling water.  The taste was a bit bitter, and I was going to give the tea a lower rating because of it.  But then I went to the Teavivre website, which told me to brew in 185 degrees...more of an oolong temperature.  So I tried it.

Sure enough, the bitterness disappeared.  What remained, though, was a bit too flat for my palate.  It tasted sweet at first, but finished a tad sour, with no interesting flavors in between.  It left my mouth feeling stale-an unusual sensation after a cup of tea.

I confess, I liked the bitter version better.  It had more of a bite to it, and I like my tea with teeth.  I brewed it again at the lower temperature, adding  an extra teaspoon to the pot.  I hoped this would add the robustness I crave in a black tea, to no avail.  Still, the brew was flat and uninteresting.  Not that it was bad.  It had a nuttiness, like raw almonds.

But in this case, I found the result not quite worth the effort.  I rate it a 5.5.

— To purchase Teavivre Bailin Gongfu Black Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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