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First things first:  What on earth is "biodynamic" and what does it have to do with tea? Persimmon Tree's website, informative as it is, wasn't much help with defining "biodynamic."

In a wonderful article by Steve Schwartz over at "Art of Tea,"  I learned that biodynamic is a method of sustainable farming which takes the best of organic practices, animal husbandry, astrology, and a bit of astronomy, to heal the earth, produce great soil and healthy plants.

Sounds good to me.  But how's the tea?

The leaves look healthy and happy; dark brown, broken, and twisted--typical of a good Darjeeling.  Their aroma was quite chocolaty, and complex, ending up with faint astringent grassiness.

While brewing, the odor completely disappears.  Some teas do that, and someday I'd like to find out why.  For now, I must add that sadly, the flavor of this tea seemed to disappear as well.  At first, I tasted freshness.  But the mouth was empty after swallowing.  Nothing lingers with this tea.  I was left with no smell, no flavor...only a warm mug of a lovely amber liquid.

I always hate to give a bad review to a fine tea.  I sometimes wonder...were the leaves stale?  Did I use enough?  On both counts, I think not.  I brewed another pot using more leaves.  This led to a bitter brew that had no additional complexity--just a bite of freshness before it puckered me up.  And these leaves smelled so wonderful, I don't think they were stale.  It was just one of those Darjeelings that are too delicate for my palate.  I rate it a 5.

— To purchase Persimmon Tree Biodynamic Darjeeling, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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