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Thumbs up!"Breakfast blend of Yunnan and Assam, suitable preparation for a strenuous day of mountain climbing."
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specialteas-mount-everest.jpgI discovered Teaviews in my search for online merchants to help me wake each morning as I recover from my long dependency on SpecialTeas. This is a nostalgic review of SpecialTeas’ Mt. Everest Breakfast Blend, which I’ve been hoarding in tightly sealed glass jars since the company was dissolved in January 2011. The product I’m reviewing hasn’t gone stale, but perhaps its Assam flavor has toned down a notch. It remains a robust tea, slightly mellower than in the previous year.

The tea is a breakfast blend of Yunnan and Assam, touted as suitable preparation for a strenuous day of mountain climbing. The Assam provides strong malty flavor, surprisingly low astringency, no bitter aftertaste. Yunnan flavor is slightly peaty and adds an overall smooth quality to the blend. Often Yunnan is described as peppery, but I don’t perceive this in Mt. Everest. Aroma is mostly malty from the Assam, with a mild peaty component.

I value Yunnan tea for its ability to deliver a bright clear taste, and compatible thought processes, to its drinker. It can be great for getting physical work done, even if you’re not climbing mountains, but it’s the unique effect on clarity of thought that intrigues me. This capability varies from year to year and batch to batch. Too much variability led me to cease ordering Yunnan on its own. The discovery of Mt. Everest made me fall in love with Yunnan all over again. The blender was able to manage the variability of the Yunnan product quite well over the years, with the 2010 Mt. Everest running about the middle of the pack.

I drink my tea strong, with nothing added, and expect it to be an eye opener. I generally brew this one for 5 minutes in a one cup strainer. My friend from writers’ group brews an entire pot at a time, which seems to reduce the peaty quality of the Yunnan while enhancing its smooth subtlety.
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  1. teaman Says:

    Do you know any other source for this tea? I too have some of this tea but it’s nearly gone. I find it a great blend since I really like yunnans and assams.

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