Review: Thunderbolt Tea Risheehat Vintage Spring (2011 First Flush)

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What is it with Risheehat and the word “spring”? Not that I mind, I just find it a curious moniker to use for more than one tea in a series – kind of like the Arya estate and its use of precious jewels as names. Eh, I’m nitpicking.

Generally, Darjeeling second flush teas are considered the pinnacle of the region, but there’s something to be said for the declarative freshness of the first flush as well. When I tore open the vacuum seal for this one, the air exploded with spices. I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of that, and I’m still puzzled how such an aromatic punch is present on so small a leaf. There was nothing “vintage” about the appearance of the leaves, either. They were as fresh and green-looking like the day they were picked.

It was one of the rare days I was up in the early morning that I finally dipped into this. As a result, I brewed it the only way I could under those circumstances – in a pint glass. I brought 16oz. of water to an almost-boil, dug 2 tsp. of leaves out of the bag, and steeped ‘em for the max of three minutes.

The liquor brewed light yellow, which was about as expected. First flushes never brewed that dark anyway. The aroma was all spice and muscatel – also as expected – with a touch of citrus. In fact, that citrus impression was the most dominant feature in the flavor. It started off grapy enough in the front, but settled into a rind-like lean for the rest of the sip. That was highly unusual for a Darj of any estate or flush. It was darn near perfect.

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  1. ScottTeaMan Says:

    I have this tea, but haven’t sampled it yet. Now, I’m quite ready to tear into it and steep away! FF Darjeelings are awesome. I NEVER get tired of them. Sure I like to vary my tea selections-who doesn’t right? I always come back for a fresh FF Darjeeling! There are alot of great estates with quality teas, but the Risheehat Estate is one of my favorites. Good review Geoff. 🙂

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