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There are some tea subscription places out there of various types. All For Tea opened up in the fall of 2011 because it can be costly to purchase high quality teas in the quantity that most vendors sell just to find out that you don’t care for that particular tea. What they do is provide the consumer with 4 different teas to sample at a very reasonable rate. Then if you fall in love with a certain tea, you can purchase more. Oh and they also include a snack with each shipment.

The teas in their March box include a Puer , an Irish Breakfast, a Superfruit Tea and a Rooibos Chai. Oh and for a snack there is Wasabi Peas. The theme of the month is balance so we go from a high caffeine tea to an infusion with no caffeine at all. I will be providing mini-reviews of each of these teas.

My first tea is the Irish Breakfast. This tea blend is organic and has black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China. Dry it has a honeyed oaken aroma. I let it steep for 3 minutes in boiling water. The fragrance of the liquor has notes of oak and tobacco. This is a smooth well rounded tea. It doesn’t have the astringency that I usually find in an Irish Breakfast tea so it is one to drink straight yet is also stout enough to stand up to cream and sugar as it is classically drank. I found it to be one of the better Irish Breakfasts that I have ran across and I used to drink this style tea religiously. I would rate this tea an 8.3 and would gladly purchase more. Unfortunately I was quick enough and it is sold out.

My next tea is the Superfruit Tea which has green tea, almonds, flower petals and undisclosed fruit pieces. It also has pomegranate, acai and yumberry flavorings. Both the dry blend and the liquor has a fruity berry aroma. The flavor of the green tea itself disappears under all the extras but it does have a pleasant berry taste to it. I am not able to pick out the individual flavors but overall it is very enjoyable. I rate this tea a 7.5.

The showcase tea in March’s box is an Ancient Phoenix Fermented Puer. This tea received a Gold Medal in 2011 from the Yunnan Government. Gong fu is not the style that I usually use for tea but this one definitely rated it. The leaves come in a single serving disk good for 4 ounces of tea. The first steep lasted 30 seconds and has an earthy aroma with a sweeter fruity taste. Definitely not what I expected. The second steep was for 45 seconds and now the earthiness really comes out in both the aroma and flavor. Now there is a musty taste that I have only ran across in puers. I am also picking up the flavors of pine and oak barrels. The third steep was for 70 seconds. This one brings in plums along with oaken barrels. This tea is still going strong but I have start making dinner. I would have to say that this tea is one of the more unique that I have come across and I can see why it won a gold medal. I rate this tea a 8.8.

The last tea I am reviewing is actually an infusion. It is a Rooibos Chai with a wonderful dry aroma of cinnamon and cloves. I steeped it according to the instructions and of course added the needed components to make it what I consider a chai. It makes for a comforting beverage without the rough edges that I normally find in a chai. I do wish that the spice load was heavier though I can picture myself drinking it in the evenings. I rate it a 7.5.

Overall I enjoyed the teas that I received in the March box. They were all of a higher quality and some of them were downright delicious. I am seriously considering signing up for the club. For what you get, it is a great value. My only complaint is the fact that I wasn't able to pick up more of the teas that I fell in love with. And I think that it would be great to have an idea of what the next box contains.

Oh and the brochure that comes with the kit recommends the wasabi peas with the Irish Breakfast. I highly recommend it.

— To purchase All For Tea Harmony and Peas, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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