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Thumbs up!"Whatever that old woman is doing - whatever her name is - she can keep right on doing it. "
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Tea Embassy mentions that this black tea was handmade by an old woman in Georgia who has been making tea her whole life. If that was the case, I wondered if it was the same woman who made the Georgian black I tried almost a year ago - Natela Gujabidze. I mean, how many old Georgian women handmake their own tea? Okay...probably many...

This looked similar to the other stuff I had on hand. Soot black to tippy brown pieces were long and twisty with a pleasantly sweet and slightly fruity aroma. If I had any observation to make in comparison to the Natela batch I had, it's that the leaves appeared smaller - or at least more tightly-rolled.

Brewing instructions on the Tea Embassy site recommended boiling water, a five-to-six-minute steep, and giving the tea at least two infusions to judge. I usually liked doing two infusions of a good black tea, anyway, so that didn't take much convincing. I used 1 heaping teaspoon in 8oz. of boiled water and a middle-ground steep of five minutes for the first infusion.

The liquor brewed amber, bordering on copper, with a very "English Breakfast"-y sort of nose - both burly and floral at the same time. On taste, though, it was the exact opposite. My tongue was greeted by a gentle caress of tangerine blossoms, a slight presence of (what I thought were) linden berries, rosehips, and marigolds. The aftertaste was incredibly wine-like, giving an impression of Pinot Gris.

Something strange happened right after I ate cereal while drinking this, suddenly tasted sweet! Very odd. After breakfast, I almost completely forgot that I had a second infusion ready to go. It steeped for - oh - ten or fifteen minutes. (Oops.) The result, while slightly tannic, was still amazing - sweet, floral, mildly berry-like and crisp.

Whatever that old woman is doing - whatever her name is - she can keep right on doing it.

— To purchase Tea Embassy Georgian Beauty, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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