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Thumbs up!"Where the other Georgian tea I sampled imparted subtle tones of sweetness and character, this outright punched the tongue with a berry front."
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Several months back, I made a tea barter with a fellow blogger friend of mine. One he sent my way was tea grown in Georgia. (The country, not the state.) The stuff was near-impossible to come by in the States for reasons I couldn't fathom. I did a two-steep brew-up of the long, black twisty leaves, and they turned up a rather unique tea. However, if I ever wanted to try more from the region, the only sites I found that carried them were in the UK.

Well...apparently, I wasn't looking hard enough. An outfit from Austin, Texas had acquired, not one, but three different types. Tea Embassy isn't just an online store; to their list of credits is also an adorable-seeming tearoom I want to put on my must-visit list. The first of the three Georgians they had on "tap" was a vintage '07 offering. I'm all about the aged teas - even the only-slightly-aged.

The leaves were just like I remembered from the last Georgian I tried, only slightly smaller. They looked hand-rolled, oxidized to the extreme, with the most wonderful caramel and floral aroma. I think I took a whiff from the bag at least seven times. Nothing about the leaves seemed old by any definition, nor gave any indication of their half-decade wait.

Tea Embassy recommended approaching this like a typical, hardy black tea - boiling water, four-to-six-minute infusion, the usual. I went with about a tablespoon of leaves (they were long, so it was more like a teaspoon), 8oz. of boiled water, and a five-minute steep. Middle-of-the-road, just to be safe.

The liquor brewed up a bold amber, like its other kin I tried. The aroma was all flowers - Ceylon-ish - with just a kiss of malt on the back-whiff. As for the first sip - oh, my word! Where the other Georgian tea I sampled imparted subtle tones of sweetness and character, this outright punched the tongue with a berry front. Afterwards, it transitions to something more akin to other high-altitude black teas but with very little astringency. The finish was pleasantly tart with a touch of petal. It was so worth the five-year-aged wait.

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2 Responses to “Review: Tea Embassy Georgian Village Black Tea”

  1. Katie Says:

    Should I admit to the fact that I had no idea they grew tea in Georgia? Must try.

  2. Geoff Says:

    Go ahead and admit it. I had no idea they did until about a year ago. They produce some interesting stuff.

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