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Thumbs up!"The dry aftertaste is a pleasant contrast to the citrus and fruit notes; the Mark T. Wendell site mentions floral notes, but to me the tones are just like dried unsweetened cherries; a bit tart and acidic - delicious!"
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Mark T. Wendell's Manhattan Tribute Blend is a blend of Indian, Formosan and Ceylon black teas. The leaves are short to medium in length and offer themselves as a few twigs interspersed with both open and twisted leaf. The colors range from dark chocolate in color to jet and there's a sweet woodsy scent emanating from the leaf in which I can clearly discern a tart cherry sort of scent.

I used a teaspoon per 8 ounces of boiled water and allowed four minutes to infuse. The liquor is copper brown and has what I consider to be a "classic" tea taste. It's sweet, dry, a little bit citrusy. The aftertaste is dry and sparkly and I immediately am attracted to the remarkable sweetness of the leaf. The dry aftertaste is a pleasant contrast to the citrus and fruit notes (I say fruit as a general term but I can be wonderfully specific with this tea and say that the tones are just like dried unsweetened cherries to my tastes; a bit tart and acidic - delicious!) The Mark T. Wendell site mentions slight floral notes being evident in this tea but to me they tasted quite like cherry.

This tea would clearly make an excellent iced tea and could certainly be enjoyed with or without sweetener added.

I love the sweetness, the cherry notes. I love the direct, simple and straightforward "tea-ness" of this blend. The body is light but the flavor is full and continuous. Mark T. Wendell notes that this tea was created with late day or after dinner consumption in mind and I can see where this would be the case. It's not a breakfast blend and doesn't have the malty kick that black tea lovers will associate with a wake up blend. However, I did prepare this for breakfast one morning and by adding a bit more leaf but being mindful of my infusion time, I got a really delicious cup with a bit more oomph in the body with still being able to savor the fine natural sweetness and that nice, unique cherry flavor (which you may taste as being more floral than I!).

While I enjoyed this tea very much hot, regardless of the time of day, I actually found it really marvelous chilled down. I could see adding a splash of lemon to it in the summer and having some on standby for a luxurious afternoon of reading in the sunshine.

Give it a try! There's another nice twist to the tale of this leaf. The purchase of this tea helps support cancer research. From the site: "In the ongoing fight to conquer cancer, 10% of proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute."

Visit Mark T. Wendell Teas for more information on this tea and many more from their extensive product catalogue.

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