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Not Great"Something in this tea's flavor is immediately sharp and bitter."
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This is a striking looking tea. The ingredients are as follows: Organic white tea (China), star anise spice, helichrysum flowers and natural pear flavor. The white tea looks to be a peony style white. The helichrysum flowers are a peculiar kind of yellow - very intense and almost dyed looking.

The scent in this flavored white are an amalgam. There's a curious allspice scent from the star anise, sweet and thick along with floral and fruity notes. Despite this being a pear tea, the fruit scenting is not overwhelming. It is a little more like a sweet spice candy sort of scent rather than that of ripe pear. Spice plays a real role in the flavor of the tea.

I used about 1.5 teaspoons of the leaf per 8 ounces of tea and heated my water to 180. I allowed a three minute infusion.

The liquor is very golden yellow in color (reminiscent of the flower in the blend). The scent it spicy and more pear like than the dry leaf. There's a definite candy kind of taste to the pear that seems artificial in the mouth. Something in this tea's flavor is immediately sharp and bitter. The taste is really quite harsh and while sweetening might preclude some of this, I was turned off by the flavors and do not like teas that demand sweetening to mask taste. While the anise spice was notable, the pear was not at all and the foremost flavor was a murky bitterness that made me pour it out.

I couldn't really put my finger on what went wrong with this blend. The pear and anise seem like a good enough match - neither taste are offensive to me typically. The white tea being so mild seems like a pretty obvious backdrop for a flavored tea. But something was amiss. Perhaps it could be the flowers? They certainly impart their color to the blend. Whatever it was, I would seek another flavored blend or try this one as a sample from Zen Tara before purchasing a large quantity. It is described on their website as one of their most popular blends, so perhaps my taste buds are in a minority!

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