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Thumbs up!"This tea features a delicious plum flavor with a tasty pop of cinnamon spice. The flavor is delightful, but not overwhelming and it is a truly smooth and satisfying cup."
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Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice from Culinary Teas is a dream if you fancy a sweet, fruity tea with a little something extra.  The name of this tea alone was enough to garner my interest, and the phrase “. . . while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads” certainly kept appearing in my mind!  I received another plum-flavored tea as a gift this past winter and the flavor was so exquisite that I savored each cup during the busy holiday season.   This version of plum tea is even more delicious since it includes a tasty pop of cinnamon spice.  Culinary Teas is an online tea retailer with an overwhelming selection of teas in every flavor imaginable, such as this elusive plum tea.

Culinary Teas’ website doesn’t list the specific ingredients in the Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice Tea, but after a little research you find that this blend falls under their ‘flavored teas’ category.  On the main page for the flavored teas there is a link that takes you to a whole separate page of information about their flavored teas, including country of origin, altitude, manufacture type, etc.  There is also a paragraph about the natural flavors that they use.  Concerned tea drinkers are likely to find answers to all of their questions on this detailed section of the company’s website.

The dry leaves look much like any other black tea.  There are small twisted leaves, but this blend also reveals some tiny pieces of twig.  The dry leaves smell strongly of plum and sugar.  After steeping the aroma of the yellowish-brown tea liquor is of fruit and cinnamon.  This heady scent implies that the taste will be equally as divine.  There are no directions on the Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice Tea page, but back on the general ‘flavored teas’ page it lists generic directions for all of the flavored black teas.  The amount of 1 teaspoon per cup and the water temperature of boiling were expected but the recommended time was a vague 3-7 minutes.  I opted for my standard 4 ½ minute steeping time.  The tea has a fruity plum flavor that is the first discernible taste.  A sweeping, mouth-filling cinnamon finish follows the first sip.  There is absolutely no trace of bitterness, and I do believe that experimenting with a longer steeping time will produce a stronger-flavored cup without any negative affects.  After sampling a cup of this tea without added sweetener and then with sweetener, I found that the sweetener is really optional.  This is a very self-drinking tea and can certainly stand alone without any additions to boost the flavors.

Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice is truly a smooth and satisfying cup.  The flavor is delightful, but not overwhelming.  The spiciness of the cinnamon precisely compliments the sweetness of the juicy plum flavor.  I imagine that this tea is at it’s best when the snow is gently falling outside, the Christmas tree lights are softly twinkling and there is a joyful hum of “Winter Wonderland” in the background.  This is one blend that will be on my must-have list as the perfect tea to offer holiday guests!

— To purchase Culinary Teas Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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