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Thumbs up!"For good floral tastes (that really were reminiscent of honeysuckle, as noted at the website) and wonderful creaminess, this tea was pleasing."
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This oolong offering presents itself bound into tight, blue/black/green fists of leaf that give off a sweet creamy scent redolent of flowers. There's a light scent of grainy toasting in there too, deep in the scent. Foremost, though, this is a creamy and floral scented leaf.

The Taiwan Oolong Tea website doesn't offer specific brewing parameters with each of its teas. Preparation method for championship tasting was suggested (using boiling water and steeping for 5 minutes). Rather than go this route, I opted to infuse a teaspoon of leaf for three minutes to start in tea around 195. This yielded a first infusion that was bright golden green in color and had a thick, languid mouthfeel. When I say thick, too, I mean that it was incredibly creamy and thick in the mouth with strong buttery and strong floral qualities. There was something nectar like about the floral aroma - and this taste sensation expanded as the tea cooled.

The first infusion is full in the mouth but the aftertaste is light and refreshing alongside the creaminess.

The second infusion is very creamy again with far less in the floral department. To be honest, the floral spring of the first infusion was all but absent in the second. There was even a very slight vegetal taste to this infusion along with a grainy kind of creamy sweetness.

I prepared a third and for me final infusion of this tea. It poured out deep gold in color and there was a resurgence in this cup of the floral tastes of the first...the graininess of the second was more subdued and the overall creaminess and luxe-like feel of the first and second infusions was greatly diminished.

Overall, I found this a solid, good tasting oolong. It was wonderfully floral in the first infusion and I would have loved to extend this remarkable tasting into the second and third...Still and all, for good floral tastes (that really were reminiscent of honeysuckle, as noted at the website) and wonderful creaminess, this tea was pleasing.

— To purchase Shanlinxi Long Feng Xia Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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