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Thumbs up!"The official flavor of summer is perfected in Wild Watermelon tea. The many ingredients combine to produce a tangy blend that tastes like summertime itself. "
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One of the most enjoyable facets of summer is the ripe, fresh fruit that is so readily available.  There is nothing better than a refreshing slice of watermelon on a muggy, sweltering day.  Thanks to Kally Tea, the official flavor of summer is now perfected in a cup of tea.  Kally Tea is an online retailer with an impressive collection of flavorful teas.  The company’s founders describe this blend as a “… sophisticated and refreshing cup that will surprise and delight your senses.”  This certainly is one tea that isn’t overwhelming when prepared hot on a sizzling summer day, as it remains light and uplifting.

The ingredients of Wild Watermelon are a little astonishing given the perfect flavor they create.  Apples, rosehips, organic green tea, hibiscus, pomegranate, carrots, lime leaves, lime pieces, lime juice, watermelon seeds and natural flavors combine to produce a tangy watermelon blend that tastes like summertime itself.

Before even opening the package, I was delighted to discover that a delicate melon scent seems to emanate through the packaging.  Once opening the bag, I was amazed to find that the dry leaves look almost like a trail mix.  Rolled green leaves, clusters of seeds, dried carrots and fruit pieces are all visible.  The aroma of this dry mixture is of tangy lime with a hint of watermelon.  After steeping, the wet remnants feature tightly clumped leaves and plump pieces of apples and carrots.  The tea liquor displays a delicately succulent scent of sweet watermelon.

According to Kally Tea’s recommendations, I used 1 ½ teaspoons of Wild Watermelon and steeped for 3 minutes in water heated to 175 degrees.  The resulting cup is a luscious medium pink color, not unlike the juicy inside of a fresh watermelon.  As delicious as this tea is when prepared hot, I can only imagine that it would be equally as charming if prepared iced.

The beauty of this blend is that it exhibits a true watermelon flavor.  The prominent taste in the first sip is of slightly tart lime.  The addition of lime is what places this tea on a superior dais above other watermelon teas.  The sharp lime flavor is a surprising compliment to the mellow sweetness of the watermelon without being overbearing.  The finish of delicate melon is absolutely flawless and is the best attribute of this tea.  I prefer to add just a small amount of sweetener, as not much is needed since it is a naturally sweet tea.  The sweetener seems to enhance the subtle watermelon flavor so that it lingers longer on its final note.

This blend reminds me of the enduring juicy melon taste from watermelon bubblegum that I indulged in as a child.  Wild Watermelon is infinitely better, however, because it holds none of the artificial sugariness so common in many watermelon-flavored products.  I am endlessly thankful to have discovered this tea during our current heat wave record-breaking temperatures.  This tea is playfully reminiscent of all that is loved about the summer season!

— To purchase Kally Tea Wild Watermelon, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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