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Thumbs up!"As the mango laced aromatics infuse each sip, it brings an almost creamy fruitiness to the rooibos's golden flax flavour that seems just naturally in sync."
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There are certainly times I’ve felt like something Straw..pea..pine…grap…lem..kiw plu..cherr…orang...hmmm..fruity; fruity I could decide on, just which fruit, not sure. So right down from a Fruity Pebbled lane in Montana, Tea District’s Fruity Green Rooibos seemed a great mix. Not only caffeine free, as a green rooibos blend, those I’ve had before seem to really groove with fruit. The toot of the fruit in their Fruity Green Rooibos blares in with the addition of calendula petals, orange peel, apple pieces, mango and natural flavours. Looking at the tea, it’s quite a stylish looking mix from the blend of complementary hues, and most of these pop up as the beige and gold fruit cubes of about a quarter inch and pale yellow wisps of the calendula. But more striking, while the green roobios fibers are wee, nary larger than a few millimeters, their colours are acutely vivid, fetching on their own from their assortment of forest greens, rusts and caramel tones.

Not sure what to expect, the tea’s scent took me a bit by surprise and it is just as chic and suave as the leaves appear. Fragrantly, the bouquet has a deliciously creamy smoothness along with a sweet bursting fruitiness. The fruitiness is naturally sweet, like dried peaches and apple, whose sweetness seems nectary and drawn out with the creaminess that brings to mind cold butter and dried coconut. Differently fruity in the rooibos combination, it’s perfectly decided.

So the decision to brew quickly ensues and I steeped, as Tea District kindly suggests, using one tablespoon, boiling water and five minutes. Infusing brings a ruminating brew; not quite clear, bright orange, deliciously aromatic and sweetly in thought. The sweet gives way to a soft fruitiness, perplexed with nuances as if dried, concentrated and cooked. The softness comes from the naturalness of the fruitiness, like apples and peaches, that have a floral finish. The marigold attributes a delightful buttery floral that complements the seedy notes of the rooibos nicely which seems like sesame seed bagels. It’s certainly sweetly inviting. The aroma also infuses each sip bringing in the fruitiness atop the rooibos flavour. The rooibos is full with an appetizing density and completeness while there is less fruit to the flavour, apart from feeling the sugars a bit in one’s mouth from the medium body. But altogether, it’s like cooked mango and golden flax or boiled sesame seeds which seems just naturally in sync. While the fruitiness could spring a bit more in the flavour, the tea is delightfully smooth with a great sweetness that carries into a medium long aftertaste of the rooibos that reminds me of white bread soaked in milk and it builds further through the cup, adding a dried mango, peach air of the marigold. Cold and sweetened, the tea is also fabulous as the aromatics condense infusing the brew with a delicious integration of mango and rooibos that seems almost coconut laced and creamy that continues into the seed-like aftertaste.

There’s no question to re-brew or not to re-brew as a second infusion of the tea is near as lively as the first. Just as aromatic, the medium scent seems a bit more floral and lemony, as the creaminess and seedy notes of the rooibos notes mellow some. But the aroma remains opinionated from the nectary sweetness with a peach and mango jam-like indulgence fueled with a tangible fullness from the rooibos. The flavour also has just as much swing, with a refreshing bit of tartness to a pinier seed-like flavour, more akin to pine nuts, that smoothly extends into a light to medium aftertaste of peach skin. A third five minute steep continues to muse with a lightly sweet, fruity bouquet pulsing with bagels & marigold mango while the light to medium body retains a perky flavour that becomes less nutty but still has a pleasing sesame seed-ish slant with a progressive linger of fruitiness.

While it may not always be so easy to decide just what to put in one's cup or what fruit suits one’s fancy, Tea District’s Fruity Green Rooibos' complementary and decisive fruitiness is bound to make being undecided a delight.

— To purchase Tea District Fruity Green Rooibos, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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