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Thumbs up!"White Rose Tea is a green tea that brings to mind a beautiful flower garden. All of the ingredients flow seamlessly together to create a smooth and melodious cup."
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It’s a lazy, warm Sunday and after languidly perusing my tea cabinet, I selected White Rose Tea as my afternoon cup of choice.  This was one of those oh so rare instances when the tea that I idly chose harmonized flawlessly with my mood.  (I just adore it when that happens, don’t you!?)  It came as no surprise to me that this delectable tea hails from The Spice and Tea Exchange, a store that I’ve long admired.  The company has both an online website for ordering and retail stores in select cities.  Both stores that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting had a wonderful aroma of spices and herbs and a decent selection of teas in nicely varied flavors.  A trip to The Spice and Tea Exchange always leaves me longing for a location in my own hometown; so do take advantage of a visit if you live in close proximity to one of their stores.

White Rose is actually a green tea and one glimpse of the dry leaves brings to mind a beautiful flower garden.  The all-organic ingredients include green tea, rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers and peppermint leaves.  This is one of those distinctive teas that is charming in its dry form and appeals visually as well as well as in the most important aspect of taste.  The scent of this dry blend reminds me of a minty potpourri.  During steeping all of the ingredients float to the top and reveal long, green tea leaves and whole peppermint leaves.  The resulting tea liquor is a clear, pale yellow and has a very faint aroma of roses.  The tea also smells fresh and clean and I believe this is from the combination of the lavender flowers and the rose petals.

This tea is much like any other green tea in terms of preparation.  I used a little more than the recommended 1 teaspoon per cup of dry leaves since the blend is made up of large pieces of ingredients and is quite fluffy.  The website didn’t specify a steeping time, so I went with my standard 2 ½ minute green tea time and used fresh water heated to 175 degrees.  The perfect word to sum up this tea is lovely.  It truly is a very delicate and pleasant tea in all aspects.  The initial taste has an agreeable grassy flavor.  There is a wispy mint finish and the rose essence becomes present after swallowing.  All of the ingredients flow seamlessly together to create a smooth and melodious cup.  I’ve found that this blend is best with a little sweetener, and as the tea cools the sweetener will bring out the charming floral and mint notes.  White Rose Tea is a softly refreshing blend that would be perfect to enjoy on a sunny spring afternoon!


— To purchase The Spice and Tea Exchange White Rose Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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