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Thumbs up!"The characteristic rooibos flavor is rich and nutty; the pomegranate flavor is more subdued."
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Summer is upon us here in Miami, which means that the large majority of my tea drinking is in iced tea form. My sample of Murchie's Pomegranate Rooibos seemed refreshing and inviting on this particularly humid day. This is my first time drinking a Murchie's product, so I took a little time to look over their website. I have to say that I really like the clean yet artistic layout of their website, and I was also impressed with the variety of products they offer. Their pomegranate rooibos is described as: "A delicately sweet, nutty tea kissed with pomegranate". I personally love pomegranate, yet I find that pomegranate is often thrown into every food possible in order for the vendor to hop on the superfruit bandwagon. I really like to taste authentic pomegranate flavor in these products.
I prepared this tea by making a double-strength hot tea in which I infused two teaspoons of leaves per cup of water in boiling water for six minutes. I then let the tea cool to room temperature and doubled the volume by adding ice. The tea's aroma is sweet and nutty in that undeniably rooibos way. Yet below the dominant rooibos notes is a fairly strong fruity aroma too. I certainly wouldn't say I would have been able to pinpoint it as pomegranate, but it is attractive nonetheless.
I found the flavor of this tea to be very enjoyable and of fairly high quality. The characteristic rooibos flavor is rich and nutty, and as an iced tea, it is very refreshing. The pomegranate flavor is more subdued. But there is a definite fruity element to the flavor although again, as with the aroma, I found it hard to specifically identify the fruit flavor as pomegranate. The iced tea is refreshing and because of its light body, it is very thrist-quenching. I drank a rather large glass and enjoyed every sip. I saw no need to add sweetener to this tea, as the rooibos base provided enough natural sweetness. However I tried a second smaller glass of this tea and experimented by adding a dash of sugar. This was also an enojoyable way to take this tea. If you are seeking out a strong and distinct pomegranate flavor, you won't necessarily get that here, but if you are looking for a sweet and tasty tea that is ideal for iced tea, this is an ideal option.

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