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Thumbs up!"Mandarin Silk is a nicely fragrant tea with a smooth, velvety flavor. For me the most exquisite detail is the wondrous creamy and smooth mouth feel that it imparts!"
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I have read a number of admiring comments lately about Mandarin Silk from The Persimmon Tree Tea Company, so I was elated to sample this blend.  This was my first selection from this particular company and I was excited to peruse their website, which has a plethora of useful information about each of their teas, including the health benefits of each.  There is also a section for customer reviews, which is helpful when shopping online and trying to decide which blends to purchase.  Although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the name of this tea alone was enough to imply a thoroughly delicious cup and I certainly can identify with all of the praising comments for this tea!

Mandarin Silk is a beautiful oolong blend made up of organic oolong loose-leaf tea, organic lemon myrtle, marigold petals and natural flavors.  There is a wide range of health benefits hidden within this tea, including lowering cholesterol, burning fat already built up in the body, promoting healthy skin and removing harmful free radicals.    The dry blend features large, dense, twisted leaves with yellow petals and smaller pieces of broken lemon myrtle.  During steeping all of these ingredients float to the top and revel perfectly large, full tea leaves.  The dry blend is amiably fragrant and smells creamy and sweet with a hidden touch of citrus.  The scent is so deliciously sweet that it brings to mind the essence of sugary caramel.  The tea liquor’s aroma is of a bolder citrus and vanilla.

I used 1.5 teaspoons with fresh water heated to 190 degrees.  A 4 minute steeping time produced a pretty medium yellow colored tea liquor.  The bright hue of the tea reminded me of a fully-ripened lemon, which foretold one element of the flavor in this tea.  I found that this tea was best with a little sweetener added, which joined all of the flavor elements to form a smooth surge.  Many of the comments on the website noted that this tea is also delicious when prepared iced and that it also takes well to multiple infusions.  I am looking forward to exploring the many ways that this pleasant tea can be enjoyed.

This mellow blend has a velvety attribute that is its crowning glory.  The initial flavor is a light, grassy undertone.  This gives way to a vague, lemony finish.  For me the most exquisite detail of Mandarin Silk is the wondrous creamy and smooth mouth feel that it imparts.  I feel that it is so marvelous that I can’t even begin to unearth an exact word to describe its full value.  The cup has a light quality that imparts such a sense of silkiness that no other name could better describe this tea!




— To purchase The Persimmon Tree Tea Co Mandarin Silk, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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