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Its OK"Its very pleasant."
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The pretty dark green leaves look a bit like dried spinach, and smell a bit like dried spinach, and perchance taste just like dried spinach in their dry form, luckily I don't have to find out or care since I'm interested entirely in its beverage qualities. Not that Spinach like qualities would annoy or disappoint me, I rather enjoy a spinach-like-cup now and again. I could especially do with some of the roasted green vegetable flavors achieved through Chinese roasting since, of late, I've mostly been drinking sweet blacks (Ceylon) and super grassy Japanese greens.

After a quick one minute steep in water which was boiled, allowed to cool/rest for a few minutes, then poured into the pot from a bit of a height to agitate things, the tea was a beautiful yellow/green, and had a strong vegetable stock aroma to it. There was a slight yogurt like smell to it, something I love about good Chinese greens.

Upon drinking the flavor takes a few moments to develop. It reminds me a bit of listening to a orchestral performance, a few minutes spent listening to instruments being scraped and tuned and checked is called to order and proceeds in perfect rhythm for the rest of the evening. At first there is a slight yogurtyness (no this isn't a milk oolong, but it just happens to have a hint of that flavor), and a strong green-bean flavor, struggling against a floral dryness and spinach twang, then the vegetable flavors fall to the back, and the floral notes express, followed in unison by the others.

Its very pleasant, not earth shatteringly so, but nice. If your not into floral flavors you probably won't like it, if you enjoy a hint of floral taste with the vegetable tastes then you'll probably love it. As for me, I'd drink it again, but I don't know that I'd seek it out personally, unless I was desperate for the hints of milk oolong and floral flavors without wanting something that would just ram those flavors home.

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