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Thumbs up!"Typically, I’m not big on tropical flavors myself... but this is probably my favorite iced blend I’ve imbibed this year."
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As summer kicked into full gear this year, I’ve been craving large batches of iced tea, more so than usual even (if possibly imaginable). And as I’ve been exhausting batch after batch of plain ol’ black tea (“half sweet, half unsweet” has become my unofficial catchphrase at any given restaurant), it’s been making me crave some different flavors. I’m not big on blends, but when iced-tea-season kicks into high gear, my palette is always in search of something a bit out of the ordinary.

Mark T. Wendell commits to the task with a perfectly-pleasant, highly-drinkable iced tea blend that ranks among the most enjoyable tall, cool glasses this season. Their base is a Ceylon tea, undoubtedly of some decent quality in its own merits, and to this they add “tropical flavoring and fruit pieces”, which leaves a bit to the imagination, as well as secret-recipe guarding.

As the name of this may have clued you in, this tea should be prepared iced, so I acted the part of the good boy, and didn’t even let one drop of it touch my lips until it was chilled appropriately. Now I regret that, as my sample is gone, and I would have liked to comment on how this was as a hot beverage. I’m not wild for fruity beverages that are hot (other than maybe a blueberry tea), so I don’t suspect I would have had any revelatory praise for it. But alas, I can only judge for its chilled merits.

As is also probably painfully obvious, this tea tastes… umm… tropical. Not just citrusy, but all those tangy and off-the-radar flavors like lychee, breadfruit, soursop, guava, pomegranate… these things all pop to mind, but I’m unsure which, or even if any, of these are present here. MTW doesn’t let on to the specifics, but I suspect at least some of those are in the mix, along with your more-standard flavors like pineapple and banana. I might also point out there there are some obvious additives to the blend, most likely for aesthetics – blue mallow (or cornflower?) and some saffron-like orange-ish flecks are also present. If you are a fan of tropical flavors, I don’t doubt this tea will have high appeal to you. And what better place for tropical flavors than in a glass of iced tea, intended for consumption while the weather is sunny and hot? (OK, maybe Skittles or Starburst could be better. But this application ranks right up there too!) Typically, I’m not big on tropical flavors myself, but was still intrigued to dive into this beverage, and as I stated earlier, this is probably my favorite iced blend I’ve imbibed this year.

Visit Mark T. Wendell Teas for more information on this tea and many more from their extensive product catalogue.

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