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Thumbs up!"A delightful tea which lives up to its reputation and is indeed “A lovely drink for a lay Sunday afternoon”"
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jingsliverneedle.jpgThis is my first encounter with Jing Tea and I must say that right off I was very impressed with their website. Not only is it very well laid out but it is also super informative, with plenty of information on the Tea, its background, taste, appearance, brewing instructions etc. Very easy to find all the information about the Tea you are about to try.

And so to the Tea itself. The raw leaves are, as promised, wonderfully plump, downy and the aroma was simply wonderful. Fresh and sweet with that lovely delicacy of a fine white tea and with the promised melon scent coming through.

I made two brewings, one at 80℃ and one at 90℃ - using fresh leaves for both. The suggested brewing time is 3 to 5 minutes. At the lower temperature the liquor starts off very pale and matures to a deeper honeyed hue as one gets towards 5 minutes. The flavors start off soft and gentle with a definite sweetness with hints of honey. As time progresses the fruit flavors of Melon and cucumber come through stronger and the flavor deepens. Personally I found 5 minutes brewing to be too much and would go for the 3 and a half to 4 minute mark at this temperature for its gorgeously sweet and smooth taste with a fruitiness that is discernible but not overpowering. The velvety finish promised is most certainly there on the palette, like a soft, smooth caress of the tongue. Overall brewing at this temperature gives a fresh, bright liquor which is most uplifting.

Brewing at the higher temperature gives the liquor a much greener hue and the aroma is instantly more fruity with a bright, crisp character. By the 4 minute mark it has become more mellow and rounded, still fruity but with the distinctive taste of white tea coming through well and by 5 minutes it has become deeper still and more fully rounded. In neither brewing does any hint of bitterness appear and the tea remains smooth and sweet on the palette throughout.

Overall, brewing at a lower temperature gives a sweeter, softer taste, whereas a higher temperature brewing is much brighter, and crisper. Both brewings retain the fruity notes though these appear mellower at lower temperatures and crisper at higher temperatures.

A delightful tea which lives up to its reputation and is indeed “A lovely drink for a lay Sunday afternoon”. I shall definitely be acquiring some of this for my collection.

— To purchase JING Silver Needle White Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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