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Thumbs up!"The light-hearted citrusy peach blossom vibe is apt to bring sweet refreshment to perk up any picnic. "
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With it being picnic season, a peach picnic sounds divine. I don’t know what all to serve, apart from perhaps peach pie, but thanks to The Persimmon Tree, there’s an easy choice to sip. So when a peach goes picnicking, it has to have friends and The Persimmon Tree’s Peach Picnic packs the basket with orange peel, sunflower petals along with peach, strawberry and orange flavouring in an organic green rooibos.

Settling into a spot, the mix sets the scene with more of a safari décor from pale khacki, tans and ochers of the green rooibos but the needles and bits spread out with a light shine at about an eighth of an inch with a varied ground of grass. Blending into the flaxen shades, the sun-bleached, light gold, translucent sunflower petals lend playful strands, batting about with the assorted pieces of orange of the orange peel. From the array, the tea’s scent is already kicking back with a medium bouquet. It may be made in the shade but it’s sweeter in the sunny aroma from a citrusy peach perking a blanket of nutty rooibos. With a bit of dryness to the scent, the rooibos unfolds with a nice hay nuttiness, more like sunflower seeds in their shells, along the fruitier notes. The citrus draws on the orange rind with a rind like scent, aside a softer, kind of floral peachiness, like drink crystals and make-up. It seems a bit more home décor or candle perfumery than juicy fruity, yet both glow nicely with the rooibos for a bright, sweet scent.

The bright palate brings just as bright a plate upon infusion, as The Persimmon Tree suggests using boiling water for 3-5 minutes and I used 2 heaped teaspoons of leaves. With a brilliant medium amber orange, the cup sets a welcoming air, breezing with a light to medium scent, warm with orange and a light flax seed like nuttiness. The fruitiness is kind of like cooked orange and lemon juice with a diffuse, peach chiffon whose sweetness springs off the woody, flax seed-like rooibos well. While it is an upbeat bouquet, I don’t know if it’s the strawberry addition but the peachiness is a bit waxy and rosy to seem a bit more like lip balm than having a truer peach aroma. It’s not artificial or perfumey but there’s more prettiness to the peach than fruitiness. Regardless, it has a lovely sweet, happy kind of aroma. The bouquet spreads into the flavour, infusing the mild woody seed flavour. It has a light breezy body and the orangey peach is also kind of rosy, to make me think of peach blossom shampoo, with a cooked orange flavour which brings a cheery sweetness. The rooibos is mellow but it has a pleasant flavour, like flax seeds, riding completely through the sip. Smoothly finishing with a light aftertaste, there’s a last crumb of slightly buttery peach coated seed to savour.

Since there’s always seconds in the picnic basket, so too a second infusion of the leaves is worth a spin. It’s another vivid sunflower orange that has a lighter, waxier bouquet but it remains nicely sweet to amuse. With the mildness of the rooibos in the first cup, the light body starts to seem a bit thin with a faint, citrus tinged, boiled seed or reedy flavour but there’s enough of a similar peachy swing to not let the ants take it away.

Packing everything up, The Persimmon Tree throws a delightful Peach Picnic. While its basket serves up a bit more of a floral fruitiness in the strawberry, peach and orange blend that isn't quite so dynamic, it still bears a sweet morsel on a pleasing rooibos napkin. Warm, hot or iced, it could indeed be a perky peachy picnic refreshment.

— To purchase The Persimmon Tree Tea Co. Peach Picnic, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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