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Thumbs up!"Overall, this was a very enjoyable Jasmine tea, sweet and smooth."
Kyle’s Teaview: 8.9/10
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This is my first encounter with thepuriTea. Their website is cute and easily accessible with descriptions of the tea that are perfect for introducing it to new audiences and I love their idea of suggested paring to drink the tea with. However, what I did miss, or perhaps just couldn’t find, was brewing instructions. A shame, because as we all know, each tea brews differently and its important to have a recommendation for water temperature and brewing time.

The silvery downy leaves are wonderfully aromatic, not only with the scent of Jasmine but also with white tea. Individual Jasmine petals peek through amongst the downy tips which make this tea exciting to serve.

I chose to brew at 85℃ and between 3 and 5 minutes since there were no instructions. Whilst brewing, the leaves give of a beautiful aroma of fresh Jasmine flowers on a summers evening, underpinned with the distinctive aroma of white tea. The liquor is golden with a hit of green at 3 minutes and gets steadily more golden with time. To drink it is wonderfully smooth and sweet with the fresh flavors of the tea and Jasmine coming out well. At 3 and a half minutes the flavor of the Jasmine is more intense but still beautifully clean with floral notes. By 4 minutes the taste of the tea is coming through stronger but there is still plenty of Jasmine along with it, remaining bright and clear on the palette and with none of the bitterness to be found in lesser quality Jasmine Teas. By the 5 minute mark the Jasmine taste is beginning to disappear but one is still left with a pleasant, quality white tea taste and still no bitterness.

I would advocate brewing between 3.5 and 4 minutes to really capitalize on the scent and taste of the Jasmine which is so wonderfully sweet and smooth in this perfectly flavored tea. While still totally enjoyable at a longer brewing time, for me, I want to get as much of the Jasmine in my cup as possible. Overall, this was a very enjoyable Jasmine tea, sweet and smooth and would make a wonderful accompaniment to a meal, or as an after dinner refresher. For me the only thing that lets it down is lack of brewing instructions - though I do suspect that this is the kind of tea that is difficult to really mess up in brewing.

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