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Thumbs up!"Perhaps a sense of burnt sugar is what for me puts a sense of "char" in the "char"acter of the tea. This tea is not just light sweet and dessert-y but has a wonderful depth and complexity to it."
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I recently enjoyed a sample of the well established Murchie's take on a classic Earl Grey gone creamy. The tea is a blend of black teas dappled with cornflower petals. From the website comes this description. "A blend of fine Ceylon, Darjeeling and China teas, lightly scented with real oil of bergamot and sweet vanilla. A rich and creamy version of our original Earl Grey. Makes a delicious latte." I found the dry leaf to have a very interesting scent. It had a thick, sultry bergamot citrus coupled up with a very spicy caramel sort of scent that was deeply decadent. To be honest, it was caramel and not vanilla at all that jumped out at me.

I used a teaspoon of leaf to 8 ounces of just boiled water and allowed a three and a half minute infusion. I added a little bit of liquid stevia for sweetener.

This tea has an excellent hearty flavor. There is no lapsang souchong in it, and the taste isn't really smoky or charred in any way, but somehow there's a depth and character to this tea that makes me think of a Lapsang - it's got a smoky masculine character. Along with this, there's a distinctly spicy and richly caramel like flavor to the tea. Again, I have to admit sensing a real absence of vanilla in any straightforward way. It's wonderfully caramel-esque and perhaps a sense of burnt sugar is what for me puts a sense of "char" in the "char"acter of the tea. This tea is not just light sweet and dessert-y but has a wonderful depth and complexity to it. It's hearty and for me was a perfect afternoon tea. Mmmm. I don't use honey in tea, but I also enjoyed this tea in the morning alongside homemade toasted bread slathered with a strong honey from Bornholmsk, Denmark. Excellent pairing. This tea has flavor. And it goes well with other distinct flavors.

I infused a second cup and had it iced, and this was a real winner as well. It was, in fact, one of the best iced teas I've had this summer. I loved the burnt sugar/caramel flavor but I suppose I would caution those searching for a light, dessert-y earl grey creme with lots of vanilla flavor. It's mentioned in Murchie's tasting notes, but I really tasted strong flavors of caramel. It was desserty but not light. I enjoyed this tea very much but found vanilla flavor subdued, even subsumed, by caramel.

I'd recommend this Earl Grey Cream very highly, with the only caveat being that those looking for a sultry, full flavored Earl will likely love it most. This Earl has a wonderful bergamot, spicy, deep and delicious. Smoky (somehow!) and wonderful caramel notes make this an Earl with complexity.

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