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Its OK"Truthfully, I find it to be rather "blah"."
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I'll admit it. I was groggy this morning. And I mean really groggy. So as I sifted through my container of tea samples, I cast aside anything that wouldn't be "heavy duty" enough to wake me up to full consciousness. Peony's Yunnan black tea seemed like a good choice to do the trick, so I quickly prepared myself a nice big pot of this tea. I used boiling water and a three minute steep time, using one heaping teaspoon of leaves per cup. These Yunnan leaves are very light and voluminous, and so you don't actually get many leaves in a teaspoon. So in hindsight, I probably should have used at least (and probably more than) 1.5 teaspoons per cup of water. The tea that resutled was a dark reddish brown color that became nearly opaque over time, as many black teas tend to do. I really couldn't taste much to this tea right away because I found that the relatively mild flavor profile combined with the hot temperature masked any real flavor. As the tea cooled a little bit, I was able to discern a little bit more of the flavor, which is primarily sweet with hints of spice and fruit. But this was only when I really concentrated and tried to detect the flavor; otherwise it just came off as a bland basic black tea. I must say that I was rather disappointed with this tea, especially since Yunnan tea is usually a winning option and a good Yunnan can make for a most excellent cup of tea. I've had far better Yunnans. I am trying to find some special quality about this tea, but truthfully, I find it to be rather "blah". Sure, I would probably drink it again if someone offered me some, but I can't really see a situation where I would choose this tea over others or where I would strongly recommend this one.

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