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Thumbs up!"I can already tell that this will likely become one of my staples in the forthcoming seasons ahead."
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Wow, where to begin on this one? This blend was a bit of a head-scratcher for me. “A green tea chai? That just doesn’t make sense.” Or so I thought. Green tea has specific flavors and nuances that pair well with other flavors. However, when thinking of chai spice tea, one can’t help but think that black tea can really be the only base that holds up to the powerful spices utilized to make chai what it is. Otherwise, those flavors would just decimate any subtleties of the tea. Right? And secondly, throwing mint in there?? What the heck?!?! Well, not so fast.

Tea District’s blend uses a green tea and peppermint base (two flavors that blend together very well, a la Moroccan Mint), plus cardamom, nutmeg and black pepper – three staple ingredients of your typical chai tea. Although another staple of chai ingredients seems to be missing from the ingredients list, I do detect a significant clove presence as well. Just a quick note as well: while the sample that was presented to me indicates that this tea is organic , I could not find any indication of this on the product page at Tea District’s website; thus be aware that the link provided herewith may or may not be to an organic blend. I’m not sure if Tea District offered organic and non-organic varieties of this blend recently, but as they are careful to point out the organic attributes of other teas throughout their catalog, I’m hesitant to indicate that is what we are linked to here.

In dried form, this appears like many other chai teas – the green tea base gives the visual impression of black tea leaves. All the other ingredients are identifiable as well, and on the nose the spicy aromatics are beguiling. A 3-minute brew at 180-190 degrees F produces a deep coppery cup, again not unlike a chai black tea. The flavor is wonderfully delicious, and all my reservations and hesitations melt away with the minty, spicy goodness that washes over my palate. The peppermint plays a key role in this blend, and is surprisingly complementary with the spices. The green tea, as suspected, does take a back seat to the other powerful flavors, but much like a Moroccan Mint, that doesn’t matter much, and the essentials of the tea are still in-place. Tea District recommends pairing this tea with honey and steamed milk. Without an opportunity for the latter on-hand, I substitute some standard dairy creamer, but stick with some local honey, and as expected (as with any chai tea), the additions bring extra magic to the cup’s overall flavor profile.

I haven’t taken the time to prepare a cup of chai since last winter, but I can already tell that this will likely become one of my staples in the forthcoming seasons ahead. I love the comfort of a chai spice tea in general, and this minty version is very exciting – and delicious - indeed.

— To purchase Tea District Organic Minty Green Tea Chai, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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