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Thumbs up!"This tea is superb- a solid Ceylon base with a wonderfully rich and complex cinnamon that offers plenty of zing."
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Cinnamon Vogue is a new-to-me company that features products cinnamon-based products. After reading their website, I learned that not all cinnamon is the same. Apparently, there is your everyday readily available cinnamon, and then there's Ceylon Cinnamon, which grows only in Sri Lanka, and is known to have a gentler and more complex taste. Their Ceylon Cinnamon Tea therefore pairs together two of the finest things produced in Sri Lanka: Ceylon tea and Ceylon Cinnamon. The tea comes packaged in elegant satin pyramid bags. The bags are large enough to allow for leaves to move, and are almost fully transparent so you can see the quality of the leaves inside. Because I was preparing my tea using a Breville teamaker, I opted to cut open the bags and empty the contents into the machine's tea basket. The leaves are large and long, and appear to be high quality. I can't see any pieces of cinnamon, and that is because oil, rather than cinnamon pieces or dust, were added to the leaves. The Cinnamon Vogue website states that bark oil, instead of the inferior leaf oil, is used to maintain a high quality product. The dry leaves have a wonderfully rich and authentic aroma about them. It is recognizable as cinnamon, but there is something there that is indeed more complex than the cinnamon you find on any supermarket shelf. There are hints of spicy, floral, and somewhat medicinal (although pleasantly so) notes on top of the expected cinnamon aroma. It is the kind of aroma that evokes winter holidays, despite the fact that I am sampling this tea in the middle of a brutal Miami August.
I brewed the tea for three minutes in boiling water. The tea has a very warming and satisfying flavor. The flavors are cozy and seem somewhat seasonal, making this tea seem more appropriate for fall and winter sipping. The flavor is a little heavy, making it not all that refreshing for summmer consumption, but I still managed to happily drink two cups of this tasty tea this morning. This tea is superb- a solid Ceylon base with a wonderfully rich and complex cinnamon that offers plenty of zing. The Cinnamon Vogue website makes a couple of comments about the price of this tea but that the quality is why it is so expensive. I personally don't think that the cost of this tea ($12 for 20 teabags) is excessively high, given the quality and rarity of the ingredients, and also if you consider that there are plenty of inferior teas that sell for more.

— To purchase Cinnamon Vogue Ceylon Cinnamon Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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2 Responses to “Review: Cinnamon Vogue Ceylon Cinnamon Tea”

  1. Cinnamon Vogue Says:

    Thanks teaviews for the kind review. We would like to add that we made the tea strong so that it could go further instead of diluting the tea by blending it with inferior tea. That means you really get two cups from one teabag. If it is too heavy for summer we would suggest you make iced tea with this Cinnamon Tea . It has quite a kick to it and frankly we were surprised that many people liked it iced. Upon further tests we discovered this tea is even better iced, especially with some honey. Most teas become insipid when iced, but not this tea.

    One of the reasons we developed this tea was primarily to cater to people who take Cinnamon for health reasons like blood sugar control, cholesterol, weight reduction. And they drink it everyday. So it had to have real cinnamon and zero natural and artificial flavoring which most companies use. It also had to have ultra low coumarin levels (0.004%) which only Ceylon Cinnamon can deliver. With an ORAC value of approximately 131, 000 (?mol/100g) it is also a powerful anti-oxidant.

    Recently we also discovered this tea helps those suffering Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). We suspect the use of real cinnamon with its strong disinfecting properties addresses the primary cause of IBS which is the infection of the intestines.

    If anyone one wants to try we will send you two free sample teabags. Just email us at cinnamon vogue with your name and address. Offer expires October 30th, 2012. Available to the first 150 people from the USA to email us.

    My Rating: 10/10

  2. Ndifreke Inyang Says:

    Hi, please I REALLY need this tea. pls how do I get it as I am in London. do you have an outlet or distributor in London? pls I really need this tea.

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