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Thumbs up!"The ginger makes it interesting. The fennel and anise smooth it out. Quite hearty for an herbal tea."
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This tisane smells and tastes like  Hippie's spice cupboard.  Now, before anyone takes offense, let me say I consider a Hippie's spice cupboard among the healthiest and most comforting places on earth.  And by "Hippie" I mean a person who eats healthy and organic...someone who makes his/her own ketchup and drinks Bragg's amino acids.

Since I think Hippies and their cupboards are so wonderful, one would think that my cabinet would smell of ginger,  fennel, and anise, (the ingredients of this Cleansing Tea.)  Having an Ayurvedic/vegan type pantry is a goal of mine.  I envision a culinary life free of caffeine, meat, processed sugar, and dairy products.  It's a lot of work to get there.    Mostly because I love all those western things so much--especially strong and caffeine-laden black tea.  I have a hard time finding herbal teas that satisfy me like it does.  But I keep trying.

Tealicious' has lots of herbal mixes that belong in my fantasy kitchen:  immunizers and detoxifiers, and a whole line of Ayurvedic brews.  I've tried most of them since I am so attracted to the IDEA of drinking such healthy stuff. Until now, my taste buds haven't cooperated.

I do believe Cleansing  Tea can  rescue me from a forever fate of mainstream mediocrity and caffeine addiction.  I really liked it!  It was just a tad spicy, thanks to the ginger.  The fennel and anise leaf balanced it out and made the taste full and smooth.  Since  it was designed to "gently stimulate digestive enzymes,"  perhaps I should take care how much I drink.  Still, I was  thrilled to find a hot beverage that I really enjoy and that I can serve to my Hippie friends with pride.   I am happy to add it to my cupboards.  I rate it a 9.

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