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Thumbs up!"Fruity in an artificial, candy sort of way."
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The "bubbly" in this tea's name refers to champagne, and this is somehow not my first berry-champagne flavoured tea. I try a couple of different configurations, and I'm happiest with 1.5 Tablespoons per cup at 180° for three minutes.

The scent lacks distinction, making it, while not exactly unappealing, unexciting. The flavour is fruity in an artificial, candy sort of way, like (it's probably odd how often I think this) Flintstones chewable vitamins. The raspberry flavour is true to the fruit, and the champagne flavour is pretty vague, but it adds a subtle acidity. Even with lots of leaf, this tea lacks oomph or proper depth. The white tea doesn't stand up to the flavourings, which aren't good enough to fly on their own merits.

Both the scent and flavour border on bland, no matter how much leaf I use, and neither is stand-out delicious. It's Okay; I'm not disappointed. I'm just not excited. It doesn't manage to stand out as an champagne-flavoured tea, a berry-flavoured tea, or as a white tea.

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