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Not Great" If you really have trouble falling asleep, maybe the unusual ingredients used here will help, otherwise look elsewhere for a pleasant tasting nightcap."
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This is my first time trying a product from this herbal tea retailer. This tisane has been designed to encourage sleep and relaxation. It features chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, jasmine, lotus leaf, prunella, rose and wormwood. My sample consists of a set of 3 traditional paper teabags, each sealed in a foil-lined envelope. The latter features brewing instructions (yay!) and inspirational quotes. Unfortunately, one of the teabags was glued to the envelope and ripped. So I can say with great accuracy that the herbs have been ground into a beige coloured powder. The tisane's scent is woody in a swampy sort of way, with a slightly sour edge. We're off to a very medicinal start!

I followed the instructions listed on the package, steeping the teabag for 10 minutes in freshly boiled water. I then pressed on it and left it in my cup, as suggested. The results are pretty murky in looks and taste. The cup has a cloudy greenish-yellow hue to it, with the aroma of fresh wood chips. The flavour profile is very woody and vaguely gingery in a medicinal sort of way. The tisane does improve as it cools, becoming progressively sweeter, the finish eventually reminding me of fennel and licorice. The blooms in the blend are completely overtaken by the strongly musty wood flavours. Overall the results are drinkable but I wouldn't go so far as to say I enjoyed the experience.

I expected a fairly floral tasting tisane, based on the ingredient list. Instead the brew is predominantly earthy and woody. It's not something I would drink for pleasure, that's for sure! In terms of it's medicinal properties, it seemed to help me feel more relaxed after a stressful weekend. However, I don't usually have trouble falling asleep, so I'm not the best judge of this herbal tea's potential. All in all, if you really have trouble falling asleep, maybe the unusual ingredients used here will help, otherwise look elsewhere for a pleasant tasting nightcap.

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  1. Samantha Says:

    I just got my first shipment and decided to try A Touch of Zen from Nucha-definitely experiencing the same woody taste in this tea as well. I’m thinking it could be the chrysanthemum, not to sure though. I may go out and get some plain chrysanthemum at the health food store to see what exactly is creating that strong woody taste.

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