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Thumbs up!"The rich honey and tobacco notes make an odd base for the floral component, but they don't fight each other."
Katie’s Teaview: 7.2/10
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I'll be honest, I didn't request this sample because it looked delicious; I requested it because it sounded weird. A proper Yunnan Gold is rich and heavy, with hits of tobacco or smoke. Jasmine is light and floral. Whoever decided to put these two together is either insane-brilliant, or just insane. This is truly a strange combination of hearty and dainty, and it could be disgusting.

It's not. I steep one tablespoon of the curved, tippy, bronze-coloured leaves at 195° for three minutes and get a cup that at first glance doesn't boost my confidence. The liquor is a murky, deep burgundy and the scent is an odd, warring combination of honey, tobacco, malt, and flowers. It's not off-putting, but it is weird.

Somehow, this works. Despite the notes not blending in the aroma, they hit a reasonable chord for the flavour, like Ligeti. (Okay, that was really pretentious reference, but go look up The Devil's Staircase on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. Those notes don't go together, but somehow, when combined, they make a song. A song that makes some of us want to stab our eardrums with a screwdriver, but you get my metaphor.) The rich honey and tobacco notes make an odd base for the floral component, but they don't fight each other. Do I prefer this to a good, straight Yunnan? Not especially, but it's a nice change, and it's somehow lighter and easier on the stomach.

I get two more steeps from the leaf, both of which are mellower than the first and excellent. They're sweeter and better blended. My main objection with the tea overall is that, despite the rich and robust flavour, the body is somehow thin. I'd like a richer mouthfeel to go with the rich flavours, but it's a minor complaint. This tea was an odd experience, but a positive one overall. A brave combination, but it's successful. I've had a few samples from The PuriTea now, and all of them are solid. I think I'm going to like this company, and I look forward to further experiences with them.

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