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Not Great"The overall experience was very woody and reminded me of a taste similar to holy basil. "
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While this definitely has some of the typical characteristics that you'd expect to find in a herbal tisane, there are some characteristics I definitely did not expect to find, nor have I ever really experienced an herbal quite like this. The overall experience was very woody and reminded me of a taste similar to holy basil (tulsi), an ayurvedic herb used in Indian herbal medicine for stress and depression. The ingredients listed are chrysanthemum, lavender, notoginseng, and osmanthus. Notoginseng is an herb in the same genus of ginseng, it's scientific name, Panax Notoginseng means "cure all". Notoginseng is grown only in the Yunnan providence of China and is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Chrysanthemum, commonly known as the mum, or if you're familiar with Billy the Exterminator, a cure all for exterminating bees, is claimed to rejuvenate the brain and calm the nerves. That it did. Lavender is a common herb used for relaxation and headaches and Osmnathus is for relieving stress.

While these herbs seem like a well thought over choice for a tea called A Touch of Zen, I'm not quite sure if my taste buds enjoyed the zen experience. I followed the directions and brewed the tea at 10 minutes with 1 cup of boiling water. At 10 minutes the taste was very woody, earthy and almost toasty, kind of reminded me of patchouli. The consistency of the tea bag was the characteristic I did not expect to find. Upon squeezing the bag out into the cup I found myself squeezing a bag full of what looked like herbal muck, to put it nicely.

Squeezing the bag was the most unenjoyable part, until I decided to follow Nucha's instructions and left the bag in. At 15 minutes the tea began to take on a more holy basil taste, stronger and woodier. At 20 minutes the taste was practically unbearable. It suddenly turned very bitter and I couldn't even bring myself to finish the cup.

Overall, this herbal tea did give me a sense of relaxation which it claimed, though the only way I would choose to drink it is steeped at 10 minutes with honey. To get the most out of this tisane, I would strongly advise not leaving the bag in.

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