Review: Thunderbolt Tea Turzum SFTGFOP1 Clonal Delight (DJ-1) (2012 First Flush)

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Thumbs up!"There was also a faint impression of vanilla and - well - forest. (Vanilla forest...hrm...sounds like an indie rock label.)"
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Turzum as a Darjeeling estate was first brought to my attention via the Thunderbolt page. They were singing its praises as one of the best first flushes of the year. Later on in the summer, a tea friend - David Galli of The Portland Tea Enthusiasts' Alliance - got a hold of some and echoed their thoughts. In fact, Thunderbolt had been his supplier. I hoped to at least one day take their word for it.

The Turzum estate is owned by Jayshree Tea, and they're known - at least, according to the bio - for producing some fine teas. Thunderbolt mentioned that of all the invoices on display, the very first of their first flushes was the cream of the corp. Well, the Turzum first flush was one of those that was delivered to me by Thunderbolt Tea. And just by smell, I can see what all the fuss is about. I've whiffed spice and muscatel on many a Darjeeling, but never one so fresh-seeming. The aroma practically leapt out of the bag. The leaves themselves were all shades of green and beautifully rolled.

For brewing, I opted for a lighter approach - taking 2 tsp. of leaves to 16oz. of just-under-a-boil water. Then I let it steep for two-and-a-half minutes. Pretty typical approach for a first flush, but one I hadn't adhered to for awhile.

The liquor brewed green and gold, just shy of bronzing with a nutty-grape aroma. There was also a faint impression of vanilla and - well - forest. (Vanilla forest...hrm...sounds like an indie rock label.) Taste-wise...oh was light, feathery, winy, and lightly spiced throughout. No astringency to speak of, and imparting a kiss of grass for the aftertaste. I guess there's something to be said for first pickings.

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