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Thumbs up!"The flavor is well-varied, offering nuances of fruit, honey, and biscuits."
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This tea is produced in Taiwan, which is most well-known for its oolong tea. Because I love Taiwan oolong teas, I was excited to try a Taiwan black tea. The leaves are large and loosely rolled, looking like a hybrid of an oolong and some black teas. There is a nice fruity aroma coming off the dried leaves. I used a heaping teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea and infused for three minutes in boiling water. After my first cup, I realized that this black tea is nothing like the traditional black teas that are used for breakfast blends or to which you would consider adding milk and sugar. This is a lighter-bodied and more refreshing black tea whose flavor does, as the name suggests, have a honey element to it. The flavor is well-varied, offering nuances of fruit, honey, and biscuits. I was able to re-steep the leaves to get a second cup that was perhaps a little bit lighter in body but still just as flavorful. As I was savoring this tea, I perused the website on this product to learn more about it. At the very bottom of the lengthy information page, there is a paragraph that explains that the honey flavor is imparted to this tea courtesy of leafhopper insects biting (and salivating) on the leaves. Well, I have to admit that after reading that, I wasn't sure if I still loved this tea, or if I was disgusted, but then hey, we eat other insect-produced items like honey, so I got over my initial reaction and went back to enjoying this tea. This is an ideal black tea for an afternoon brew. I can also see this being one for which you would brew a huge pot and enjoy all day. It is sweet and very enjoyable, without leaving any flat or heavy mouth feel. This is a unique black tea and one I would highly recommend.

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