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Its OK"vegetal, floral, buttery, and mineral notes combine. While I did enjoy this tea I felt that it was perhaps a little less flavorful than other similar oolongs."
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This oolong is a high-altitude Taiwanese oolong that is semi-oxidized and unroasted. I have always favored the roasted style oolongs myself, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate other oolongs too. Like many other oolongs, this tea in dry form is characterized by tightly rolled, dark green pellets that unroll during infusion to an impressive volume. The liquid that results from infusing one teaspoon of leaves per cup in 190-degree water for abut two minutes is a pale golden color. This tea is certainly on the vegetal end of the oolong spectrum, having some green tea-esque qualities. This tea can be described as having a complex flavor profile. In addition to the green flavor, I also noted floral, buttery, and mineral notes. While I did enjoy this tea I felt that it was perhaps a little less flavorful than other similar oolongs. It is as if this tea offers the expected oolong flavor,just a bit subdued or perhaps watered down (note: I did use ample leaves for the volume of water, so I was disappointed to make this observation). In all, this was a good tea, and while I can't find major fault with it, I also can't find anything that was extraordinary about it. I would happily drink it again if someone gave me some of this, but I am not sure I would go through any sort of effort to obtain it myself.

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