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Thumbs up!"The subtle dark chocolate that I had smelt in the dried leaves arrived in my mouth like a gift on Valentines with a floral bouquet to compliment it."
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Canton Tea Company is a British tea company located in Bristol, UK. They are well known in the UK for having the best jasmine pearls which won the top three star gold award at the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards. Canton Tea seems to be a company with integrity. They buy directly from farmers, use no wholesaler, and buy directly from traditional tea gardens in China and Taiwan. Their Taiwan tea comes from the Mountain farm of Mr Xu whom they have a personal relationship with. Most of their teas are certified organic and are grown traditionally.

Canton Tea's website contains a wealth of knowledge, they have an online Tea School with generic information for the tea newbie as well as an extensive blog. Canton also provides tea tastings which have included locations such as tea tastings at historic sites and plant nurseries. I wish I was in the UK so I could attend one!

Of the three teas I've recieved from Canton I chose Lui An Gua Pian to be my first. This tea was named after the city from which it originates (Lui An) and the second part, Gua Pian, meaning sliced sunflower seeds which the leaves resemble. This tea was harvested in late April in the Spring of 2012.

I chose this tea because of it's firing process and quality. Only leaves are used to make this tea, buds and stems are separated, the leaves are allowed to wilt, then are hand-pressed in woks. Following, with the necessary work of two people, the leaves are held over a charcoal fire for a few seconds. This process of firing is repeated 120 times!

I could definitely smell the effects of firing, which came across as smoked salmon (probably because I had eaten that earlier today) and smooth dark chocolate. I brewed this tea to water under boil for the first steep at a minute 30 seconds. The liquor was a pale green with a floral scent and hints of smoke. The first brew was fresh and crisp but went down smoothly. It had a grassy taste to it as well.

For the second brew I allowed the tea to steep for 2 minutes. this time a citrus sweet taste developed. My final brew lasted about 2 minutes as well, this was the most enjoyable and sweetest of the three. The subtle dark chocolate that I had smelt in the dried leaves arrived in my mouth like a gift on Valentines with a floral bouquet to compliment it.

This is a tea to be treasured due to it's delicate flavors and intricate production process. I give it a 9.0!

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Lui An Gua Pian Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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