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Thumbs up!"The sweetness lingers in your mouth and has an almost melon and cucumber taste to it. What was once dark chocolate has now turned into white chocolate. "
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cantonmianjinjadeOh my chocolaty goodness! These jade tips smell delicious, I could barely get to the brewing I was so enticed by the smell of dark chocolate! Canton Tea Co. is a British tea company that offers high quality Chinese tea. I have yet to be disappointed in a green tea from them. My tea sample came in a hefty vacuum sealed pouch, and bulging too which is a good thing as you'll soon discover.

As I try more and more green teas, I'm slowly starting to narrow down on what I really enjoy. I'm finding that though you could put any green in front of me, even a bagged tea from the grocery store; I am discovering that I gravitate to the subtle, savory side of the green spectrum with "tastes of green beans or edamame, which edges towards nutty but still taste very ‘green.’" (Verdant Tea. "Taste, Texture and Aroma Part One: Green Tea & the Vegetal Flavor Spectrum.")

Mao Jian tea or Jade Tips are thin, twisted smooth leaves. According to Canton Tea Co., the best are picked before April 6th. These leaves, though they don't give an exact date, were from the 2012 Spring harvest (March-April).

Once I finally stopped smelling I brewed this tea at about 158 F with almost 2 teaspoons. The smell of the brewed tea was much more delicate than the leaves themselves, it was a scent similar to that of white tea. At 1 minute the liquor was a pale ivory color and tasted so smooth and wet, though that may sound strange since this is a liquid after all. At 2 minutes these Jade Tips reached their potential. So soft with a little vegetal taste, not grassy or leafy, on the more nutty side, and a sweetness that is oh so good. The sweetness lingers in your mouth and has an almost melon and cucumber taste to it. What was once dark chocolate has now turned into white chocolate.

For my second brew I used around the same water temperature and steeped for 2.5 minutes. This time a more floral taste emerged with the same hints of melon, though the vegetal taste was a bit more pronounced. I did notice a bit of astringency in my second cup, but that could be due to the not so exact water temperature I used.

This is an amazing every day tea, it's simple enough to mindlessly drink but has such a beautiful flavor profile it's hard to ignore the sweetness, I'm hooked! If you're a person that adds honey to tea, I would highly suggest to drink this tea alone, you won't be disappointed.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Mao Jian, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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