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Thumbs up!"This is a rather robust tea, on par with an Assam tea but not quite as malty. It does have a respectable malty flavor, and some earthy and smoky notes as well."
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beautifulrubyredtaiThis tea is my first exposure to Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company which, as the name suggests, offers teas directly from Taiwan. They have green, oolong,and black teas available. I chose the Ruby Red because despite loving all types of tea, I have to say that black is my favorite, and I enjoy trying black teas from a variety of regions. This tea is grown near Sun Moon Lake, which is described as a "pristine alpine lake in Central Taiwan". The leaves are very light in weight, of a fairly long length, and are rather voluminous compared to other black teas. A teaspoon of this tea doesn't give you but a few leaves because of the shape and voluminous nature of these leaves. I used my usual three minute steep time in boiling water to prepare this black tea, although I did use closer to 2 teaspoon of leaves per cup to compensate for the airy nature of the leaves. I usually associate Taiwan with oolong teas, so simply by that association, I was expecting a light-bodied black tea. As it turns out, this is a rather robust tea, on par with an Assam tea but not quite as malty. It does have a respectable malty flavor, and some earthy and smoky notes as well. It is a very good breakfast tea. I drank this tea without adding milk or sugar, but I really think this tea would have benefited from the addition of one or both, as it is pretty sturdy and at times I even found it to be a little harsh. I had discarded my leaves after brewing but later when I was browsing the Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company webpage,I was surprised to see that they recommend using these leaves for six or seven infusions. That seems like quite a few re-uses for even a tea like an oolong that is known to be able to be re-steeped. For me, black teas are a one-time steep, so I was really not expecting to see that I could re-infuse this tea so many times. I did scroll through the company's other offerings and it appears that they put some variation of that statement on every product, so I am not sure how much this would hold true for their black tea. Overall, I found this to be a good breakfast tea and a reasonable substitute for a more common black tea such as an Assam, although I didn't find it to have quite as much depth and flavor as other black teas.

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