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Thumbs up!"This is a great tea blend to have on stock for when your coffee friends come over. As a tea itself, it's pretty enjoyable but with the addition of frothed milk and honey it is amazing! "
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shanticaramellatteBe aware tea lovers, this review will include the word coffee. Yes, I know it is our arch nemesis so be ready to step into the dark side with me for a moment.

This is the first of three teas I have to review from Shanti Tea and I'm kind of regretting not requesting their other tea and coffee blend. Shanti tea provides certified organic and fair trade teas. They also provide private labeling for your company, whole sales, and custom blending. Man that makes me want my own tea shop even more! Not many company's seem to do these things.

Shanti Tea's Caramel latte is definitely unique. This is the first company I have personally seen combine tea and coffee and I must say I think it's going to be a hit! Black tea is combined with coffee, sunflower petals, and natural essences. It has an inviting caramel coffee scent to the leaves that will make even a tea lover want to indulge. I brewed this tea for 5 minutes with boiling water. As a tea itself, I'd say it's pretty enjoyable but with the addition of frothed milk (look up how to do this in your microwave if you don't have a frother) and honey it is amazing!

This tea starts with the scent of coffee and caramel. On the tongue it begins as a black tea, the taste of coffee is then noticed as it reaches the tip of your tongue. The caramel flavor is tasted throughout as you let each sip glide across your tongue. There are hints of vanilla and the honey just takes this cup to the next level. My husband is more of a coffee drinker, he also has a sweet tooth, he loved this tea! Of course he did add more honey than I did (which I'll admit, the more sweetness you add, the more caramel you will taste and that is not a bad thing).

This is a great tea blend to have on stock for when your coffee friends come over. Some will tell you, "that tastes like hot water" when it comes to a mellow green, well bust this baby out and show them all that tea can be. The true test of this tea, for me at least was how it was going to affect my stomach. I don't drink coffee because it gives me an upset stomach, the caffeine content is just too high for me. It's been about 45 minutes since I've drunken this tea and although it's a bit harsher for me than just plain tea, I'm not feeling as bad compared to when I drink plain coffee.

Shanti Tea's Caramel Latte is also a good choice for those looking to lower their coffee intake, the cup is still pretty heavily caffeinated, but I'm sure not as much as a true cup o' joe. This tea has everything to offer for coffee and tea lovers, great job Shanti for reaching out to both!

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    , thanks so much for posting this! I found the BEST recipe for an Iced Green Tea Latte. You should try it, it was a piece of cake(lol)! succulent!

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