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Its OK"Mindless sipping is not recommended here, as you are likely to miss what little flavor this tea has to offer. With focus,I could taste fruity flavors, but they are very subtle."
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Black Guanyin is my first experience with Tea Adventure, which specializes in offering direct-from-China teas. Their Black Guanyin is described as "Distinctive fruity flavour and very soothing. A tea you will embrace only after you start to get used to it. Very different from other black tea, made out of very high quality Tieguanyin tea tree leaves". Based on outward appearance, the leaves look pretty standard for a black tea. They are crisp and wiry, tightly curled, and of medium to long lengths. Compared on my normal black tea brewing standards, Tea Adventures' recommended steep time (a few seconds to a minute) is a short infusion. However, as I had not reviewed their website prior to preparing the tea, I prepared the tea as I normally do black tea: one heaping teaspoon of leaves per cup of water, infused for three minutes in boiling water. One would therefore assume that my brew would be harsh and strong, but the opposite turned out to be true. Even wit my extended infusion time, this brew is dilute in flavor and very mild. I really had to concentrate to eke out any flavor at all. Mindless sipping is not recommended here, as you are likely to miss what little flavor this tea has to offer. If I didn't concentrate on reviewing this tea, I could have thought I was drinking water, except for the aftertaste and slightly gritty mouthfeel of the tea, which thankfully brought something interesting to the brew. With focus,I could taste the fruity flavors that Tea Adventure describes on the product's webpage, but they are very subtle. As I have found with other teas, the flavor became more obvious at room temperature, whereas the hot tea was almost flavorless. When taken at room temperature, there was a stronger (relatively speaking) fruity essence that I could taste, but it was still a weak brew. Perhaps I need to drink more of this in order to embrace this tea, but after having one hot cup and one room temperature cup of this tea, I can't say that I am currently enamored with this product. Sure, I would drink it again if it was offered to me, but I can't make a strong case for recommending it to others.

— To purchase Tea Adventure Black Guanyin, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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