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Thumbs up!"Very botanical and woodsy in flavor, with a bit of an earthy bite. I hope this works as it is described, as I can't see someone choosing to drink this tea because of its flavor profile. "
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Nucha Tea is all about bringing traditional Chinese medicinal plants to modern day tea drinkers, which each variety specially crafted to target a specific ailment or health concern. After having tried a few of these teas, I have come to expect a rather medicinal and earthy flavor profile, and that's what today's sample, "Internal Affairs" delivers. This tea contains chrysanthemum, cogon grass, licorice, hawthorne, and jasmine. Before getting into the tasting notes, I should note that the Nucha website states that this tea helps to "normalize stomach function, relieving abdominal pain and congestion. Overindulgence is no longer an issue as it aids the digestion of especially oily foods and relieves bloating." As I sampled this tea early on a Sunday morning, I had just woken up and hadn't indulged in anything particularly fatty or greasy. I brewed the tea in boiling water, steeping the bag for ten minutes, then squeezing the bag against the side of my glass. The liquid was a light yellowish-brown color with a pretty strong earthy aroma. My first impression was pretty unremarkable. The tea was very botanical and woodsy in flavor, with a bit of an earthy bite. There is a very gentle sweetness at the rear of each sip, which seems to make the tea more palatable. The overall flavor was pretty weak, which I take to be a good thing, since the predominant flavors are comparable to grass and hay, neither of which may be too appealing to most people. I managed to drink the whole cup, and while I can't say I enjoyed the flavor, I did acclimate to it after a couple of minutes.
As it turns out, I attended a party later that day where I over-indulged in less-than-healthy fare. Let's just say I did this only for the sake of this tea review... Anyway,upon returning home, my tummy quickly informed me it was displeased with the amount of greasy food I have shoveled into it. So I put my trusty tea kettle back on the stove and prepared myself a fresh new glass of Internal Affairs, this time testing it out not for its taste but for its purported medicinal properties. I will say that within an hour, my stomach issues had quieted down and I, along with my tummy, was much happier for it. Was this a result of my drinking Internal Affairs? Or was my improved stomach simply a psychological response to drinking that tea? It's impossible to know, and I suppose only a carefully executed scientific study could accurately test the efficacy of this tea. But I can only hope that this tea works, as this would be, to me, the primary reason someone would drink it. In other words, I can't see someone choosing to drink this tea because of its flavor profile.

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