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Thumbs up!"Upon opening the package, smells of earl grey, vanilla, cream, and ripe fruit emanated from the pouch."
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teamerchantsilkdragonSilk Dragon, sounds mysterious and...silky. I picked this blend up while at the Tea and Coffee Festival in NYC this year. I was conversing with a vendor by the name of Joey Landford. He runs a company named The Tea Merchant. Very nice company, wonderful logo, and a perfect outlook on teas. I was most intrigued by his invention prototype that he had on display. It was a tea tumbler that had a metal basket inside. Sounds simple right? Thats because his whole idea is simple. A basket for the tea leaves, a metal rod for the basket to travel on, and the ability to pull the basket up after the leaves have steeped. Im so excited to see the final product. If you would like more information on the tumbler, please head over to Joey's kickstarter. By donating to the kickstarter you are providing Joey with the startup money to produce the final tumbler. You also get to preorder one of the tea mugs while they are in preproduction. Head over to the site for more information.

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming, TEA REVIEWS!

Like I said I stumbled upon this blend after talking to Joey for quite a bit about his invention. We got on the topic of blogging, and VOILA, I had a few samples in my bag to take home! This is the first one i've reviewed so far. His Silk Dragon is an oolong based blend that contains lemon myrtle and marigold petals.

Upon opening the package, smells of earl grey, vanilla, cream, and ripe fruit emanated from the pouch. The vanilla, cream, and fruit I was expecting. The earl grey threw me for a loop.

The leaves were a nice dark forest green with bright yellow petals mixed in. The leaves themselves are loosely rolled.

I brewed 16 oz of water with 2 tsp of leaves at 185º for 3 minutes. The liquor brewed up to be a bright golden color with a very clean hint of caramel in the nose. The flavor was light and floral, slightly citrusy, but smooth and clean. Very delicate flavor with more caramel hints.

Overall, a very delicious cup. Nice and light but well rounded and perfect before bed or after a big meal! I need to go out and get more of this just for that reason! I'm looking forward to tasting some of his other blends!

— To purchase The Tea Merchant Silk Dragon, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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