Review: Canton Tea Co. 2007 Lincang Cooked Loose Puerh

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Thumbs up!"Geophags, rejoice! Deliciously dirty tasting."
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cantonloosepuerh2007In 2011, Cornell University reported that people who craved dirt as a food had a valid, biological reason to do so:  The clay in the earth protects the digestive tract from bacteria and viruses, and it aids in nutrient absorption.

I thought of this the minute I tasted this tea.  It tasted like dirt.  And guess what is one of the primary health properties of pu'er tea? It aids in digestion.

I happen to like dirt.  I ate it by my tiny fistfuls as a toddler.   These days, I just indulge in the aroma when poking around the garden.  For enhanced digestion, I now have pu'er tea.  And Canton's 2007 Lincang holds a special place in my heart, because...

The aroma, for starters, was just like garden soil.  It had a loamy richness that connected me to Mother Earth.  It lacked the fermented pungency present in many other (equally fine, just different) cooked pu'ers.

The flavor was just like the smell.  Mellow, and unassuming, it was like a raw mushroom.  Earthy, yes, but satisfying and anything but bitter.

If my sense of delayed gratification were more developed, I would hang on to some of this 2007 Lincang.  It will just get better and mellower with age.  But I love it as-is.  I rate it a 10.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. 2007 Lincang Cooked Loose Puerh, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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