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Thumbs up!"A tea that offers a natural orange blossom flavor and works exceptionally well both hot and iced"
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purearomaorangeblossomWhile I typically prefer my oolongs to be of the unflavored variety, I did find appeal in the idea of a Formosa oolong flavored with orange blossoms, as orange is, at least to me, a fairly innocuous flavor. The tea consists of dark oolong leaves, just a shade or two lighter than a black tea. This is my preferred type of oolong, as I love the roasty/toasty/caramel flavors that come out of this variety. There are some orange blossom petals mixed throughout. I could not find an ingredients list on the Pure Aroma website, so I can't tell if there are additional ingredients such as orange oil or other flavoring. When I opened my sample, the aroma of this tea is pretty amazing, with the orange blossom's floral headiness being balanced by underlying citrus sweetness. I brewed the tea in my beloved Breville tea maker using 195-degree water and a three minute infusion. The tea offers an amazing profile that features the biscuit/toast flavors of the oolong and the more prominent orange blossom citrus notes. This was a great hot tea, as it was very comforting and light on the tongue. I found it to be a self drinker, and I wouldn't recommend that you add milk or sugar to it. I prepared a second cup and let it cool to room temperature before transferring it to a tall glass of ice cubes. Wow, this tea shines as an iced tea. The orange flavor is still the dominant flavor, and it is refreshing and sweet without being cloying, which would definitely take away from the tea's otherwise refreshing properties. The oolong tea gives the tea just enough body so it doesn't come off as a watery or weak brew. Bottom line: This is a great tea because it offers a natural orange blossom flavor and works exceptionally well both hot and iced. At just under $10 for 100 grams of the tea, this seems like a reasonably priced tea as well.

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