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Thumbs up!"Silver Needle. Known for its light and delicate flavors. Lets see if I can get more out of it than that. "
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drinktheleaflogoSilver Needle. Known for its light and delicate flavors. Lets see if I can get more out of it than that.

For this review, I brewed 1 Tbsp of tea with 8 oz of water at 175ºF for 3 minutes.

The dry leaves were very light and airy with soft silky threads covering the leaves. Similar to the downy fur on a white tea leaf. The aroma was fresh and clean like the smell after a summer rain. Very long flat leaves. Smells of wet pebbles from a river appear.

The liquor brewed to a pale silvery color with heavy mineral characteristics. Flavor is very light on palate with a distinct white tea taste. Subtle notes of honey and orchids. Very pleasant. Seems like a great palate cleanser during a long meal.

The infused leaves became a pale green needle. Hay like aromas wafted my way. No unfurling of the leaves occurred.

This brew, while being difficult to describe, was outstanding. Perfectly clean and crisp, it had a flavor of its own. Light body, light flavor, and light aroma rested heavy on the senses. A very calming cup. Surprisingly long finish for such a delicate brew.

As I mentioned earlier, I would recommend this tea as a palate cleanser. An intermezzo of sorts. Placed in between a heavy course, such as a beef or game meat course, and cheese or dessert. It could help dilute lasting flavors of heavy red wine or buttery sauces to make way for more gentle notes of cheese and sweet desserts.

Unfortunatly, Drink the Leaf has closed its doors on the tea world. Best wishes to the company and its employees.
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