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Thumbs up!"This tea delivers a clean, spicy flavor that is wonderfully balanced; not too spicy, not too bland. "
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palanquincardomanI had never heard of the England-based Palanquin Tea company before, but on their website they claim to be the first to offer bagged spiced tea (masala chai). They offer a small lineup of various teas, primarily chai spices and one unflavored Kenyan black tea. All of their black teas appear to use a Kenyan tea as the base and then are mixed with traditional Indian spices. I was interested in trying the cardamom tea because as best I can remember, I have not had a tea that featured solely cardamom; I have only had this spice when it has been mixed with other chai ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, and ginger. The tea is packaged in your standard, unimpressive tea bag and it is hard to see the contents of the teabag through the opaque teabag. I emptied the contents into a fine mesh infuser basket, which allowed me to see that the tea leaves, as well as the spices, are pretty finely ground. I tend to shy away from tea this fine because I find that it over-steeps and gets bitter quickly. I will say though that I was impressed with how much cardamom was present, and I appreciated the fresh spicy aroma of the dry tea. I steeped the tea for three minutes in boiling water and despite the tea being made of such fine pieces, the tea did not get bitter or taste over-brewed in any way. This tea delivers a clean, spicy flavor that is wonderfully balanced. The tea is not too spicy nor is it too bland. I found this quite comforting, as I have had many a chai tea that just had too much cardamom, and this can be an over-powering ingredient. The Kenyan tea base is a nice change from the usual Assam bases that are used for chai tea. It is lighter in body and seems a little less intense in flavor. I tried this tea straight up, with some rock sugar, and then with some rock sugar and a splash of cream. While all three were delicious in their own rights, I found that the black tea with rock sugar was the way to go for me. My initial reservations about this bagged tea made of nearly dust particles were quickly dismissed and I realized that this is a downright tasty blend. There are many customer reviews on the product website, and it seems that this tea has quite a loyal following. I would recommend this tea to others and look forward to sampling other blends from Palanquin Tea.

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