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Thumbs up!"The lavender was a perfect partner for the chocolate, making this tea a sophisticated dessert tea option."
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lulincinlavchocThe combination of cinnamon, chocolate and lavender sounding nothing short of intriguing, so I was very eager to give this sample a try. I have now become a huge fan of rooibos teas flavored with cocoa shells, but this combination of flavors really takes things to a different level. Visually speaking, this tea is quite attractive, with cacao nibs and lavender flowers readily visible among the rooibos leaves. I steeped one heaping teaspoon of this tea in six ounces of boiling water for about six minutes. The tea offered a sweet aroma that provided a bit of a teaser for the flavor of this tea. The chocolate is the most noticeable flavor, but it is not nearly as sweet as most other cocoa-flavored rooibos blends. For me, lavender can make or break a blend, and in this case, it definitely makes it. I was surprised at how much I appreciated the contribution of the lavender, with its less intense though readily available characteristic flavor and aroma. The lavender was a perfect partner for the chocolate, making this tea a sophisticated dessert tea option. The cinnamon was the mildest ingredient in the blend, but that is not to say it was not detectable. It did provide a nice clean finish to the tea and also helped balance out the cinnamon. I found this to be perfectly delicious on its own, but I suppose some may find that it is not quite sweet enough and would wish to add milk and/or sugar. I had to prepare a second cup almost instantly after finishing the first one because I was so impressed with the flavor of this tea. This is such a refreshing spin on the usual chocolate rooibos, and I very much appreciated the originality and the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and floral flavors.

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